THE QUESTION: “Is a third party viable in American politics today?”

 THE COMMENT: “A recent poll said 60% of Americans think so.  If a third party can bring true leadership and answer solutions for a host of relevant issues, then yes.  Why stop at a third party?  Why not a fourth and a fifth?  Why doesn’t every American citizen decide what they want and seek coalitions with others.  The roots of this exist in our fair share tax system.  Find others who believe strongly in the cause you do.  Band together and affect the outcome of elections and the law of the land.  There rarely is only one right way.  One right answer.  I firmly believe that the duopoly must end.  The two party system must be destroyed.  In its place, truly independent candidates should be elected so that governing can be by the people, not by party lines and not by the government.  Whole regions could be defined by the will and the conscience of their citizens.

THE QUESTION: “Mayor Davies, where is America today?”   

THE INTERVIEW: “People tend to reject what they don’t understand.  Our job as leaders is to explore solutions, explain them and educate Americans to the opportunities it has.  In some ways this is working.  America is changing.  The jury is out if these changes are for the better.  We are also unclear whose voice we are hearing.

“Music was once the voice of change, the shaper of opinion, the medium by which our people rallied toward cause.  Free love, the end of the Vietnam War, Farm Aid, Greenpeace, Save the Trees, For the Children.  Where are the protest songs?  Where is that voice?

“That voice now lies in the rolling hills of Hollywood.  The movie makers, MTV style, rewrite the conscience of our nation and splatter it across the big screen.  We no longer sing ‘come together’ or ‘love one another’.  We do sex and violence like we used to do lunch.  What a shame.  America, please decide what the important messages are and vote for those who believe in those.

“Hollywood.  Enough with the lip service and passing off the responsibility of helping America to the government.  Over and over, time and time again government has failed the mission to improve the lives of those who are in need.  Stop pointing fingers and get involved.  Your fans will love you for it.

“America.  Where is your voice?  Why do we not have more choices and more solutions to the realities that affect our lives?  Where is the truth?”

Where is the goodness God has written on our hearts?”