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Many of our visitors are recommended to this website by their physician to explore the proven non medical erection aid we market as the ERB or erection ring bikini. 

Some of you have been personally invited by our marketing team as we seek to help ED suffers gain an erection useful for sexual arousal and sexual relations.

Our visitors also include referrals from users who are now enjoying a fuller sex life because they achieve an erection for the first time in years.

We also welcome those visitors who seek erection enhancement for size and endurance reasons.  


Here is the creator's story . . .

I have had ED problems since I was young.  First it was shyness.  I needed several times or attempts to have sexual relations with my partners before I could gain an erection.  When the experts refer to "mentally related issues" there is validity to it. 

Once the shyness was over I discovered that no matter how familiar I was with my partner(s) excess caffeine and excess alcohol also caused erection failure.  No matter that the mind was into it, the body said no.

Stress did much the same to me.  I drank coffee and cola to stay going while trying to meet deadlines, ate the wrong food at the wrong time to stave off hunger while working long hours and anxiously endured sales cycles, goal achievement and management beat downs.  

Long before Viagra (gives me a headache - blurred vision - nausea) I tried an erection ring.  It kind of helped.  I used metal and rubber rings, rubber bands and experimented with my thumb and forefinger (yeah - fingers and hands get in the way).  A ring used with a healthy erection enhances its size.  A ring used with an erection that suffers from ED like mine is not as effective.  As I experimented, I found that only when I placed the ring tight to the base of the penis did the ring method work.  Again, the fingers got in the way as I held the ring tight to the base of the penis.

Basic erection review:  We all have seen the diagrams and drawings on every pill and penis lengthening website presentation - blood flows into the penis when aroused - the more blood in - the more pressure against the vein that is designed to close and trap the blood in and engorge the penis until fully erect.  If we feel, sense, imagine or promote arousal and blood is entering the penis - closing off the exit vein is the next logical answer to gain the best erection we can.  I still wondered why placing the ring tight against the base of the penis made a difference. 

Then came the prescription pills and the now infamous phrases "achieving an erection hard enough to have sex or capable of having intercourse".  There is a pill for everything these days.  Why reinvent the erection when the easier way to get hard is to take a pill?  Forget about rings, fingers and veins (oh my) and forget about creating the perfect erection - just take the pill.  I did.

WELL, the man in me was thankful for the erection - but not the headache and nausea.  Cialis is more friendly to my body with no headaches or nausea, but not fully effective.  My erection was - capable of  intercourse - for a while. Eventually the man in me and my aroused desires was not all that thrilled with the not so hard erection.  And there was still the anxiety.  Will it work tonight?  Will I stay hard?

The semi hard erection left me wanting.  Wanting a hard full erection.  The man in me wanted to be able to show, see, experience and feel the manhood I once was able to achieve.

I went back to the concept of placing the ring tightly against the base of the penis.  Time for more research.  The internet is full of useful information and useless hyped up promotion.  ie: pills - natural and prescription can improve blood flow to the penis - but the claims of increased size?  Not very likely.  I did find something useful on a scientific web site that showed that 10-15% of a man's penis is actually inside the body.  This started to make sense: Closing off the exit vein causes the engorging penis to be come fully erect.  Placing the ring tight to the base of the penis was effective in gaining a fuller erection.  My deduction and further experimentation showed that the point at which the exit vein was closed is as important as closing the exit vein it self.

I experimented for several years with different devises to best place the ring tight against the base of the penis.  The scientific knowledge that part of the penis is in the body lead to another great find.  Placing the ring tight to the base of the penis exposed more of the penis and the resulting erection.  This helps explains  - as you will see if you view the ERECTION ENHANCEMENT photos - why the 4 inch erection when using the ERB increased in size to 6 plus inches.  

The best method I found to place the ring tight against the base of the penis - a method that is easy to perform  - easy to remove and a method that would last many years is what we now market as the Erection Ring Bikini.  

My lover thinks it is sexy.  The erection (the pics say it all) is full and hard, the sex is incredible and although I still have ED - ERB is not a cure - I am man with an erection and I am not afraid (actually happy as  ; ; ; ; ) to use it!

If you are of legal age - answer - yes - to the chapta - and visit ERECTION ENHANCEMENT to view photos of the ERB in action.

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